Introduction to SharePoint 2007

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 is a new server program that is part of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. This tool was developed to created a shared environment between users and allow them to share documents, reports, announcements, schedules, calendars, and other Microsoft Office files…

History Of SharePoint

This first version is called Windows SharePoint Services or WSS and it comes with an extensive array of tools. Second version is Microsoft SharePoint Office Server or MOSS. MOSS is further available as the Standard or Enterprise. Many companies will find the free version adequate for their immediate needs. Later, they can upgrade, if more advanced features are needed.

To sum it up following are the offerings of MOSS 2007 to its users:
  • One Extensible Integrated Solution to manage Internet  and web applications across the organization
  • Better and easy way of managing Information across the organization
  • Accelerate Business processes.
  • Effective way to search and find information across
  • Better control over  data.
SharePoint Features
  • Portal

SharePoint includes features that are useful for designing, deploying, and managing enterprise intranet portals, corporate Internet Web sites, and divisional portal sites. Users can create their own web portals, customize websites, create workflows….

  • Collaboration

By using the following features in Office SharePoint Server 2007, you can work more efficiently and effectively with other people in your organization: using site templates to manage meetings, share documents, contacts, tasks, calendars, blogs…

  • Content Management

SharePoint provides us better way to manage content that includes documents , email messages , video , instant messages , web pages etc… Its divided into three categories: document management, records management, and Web content management.

  • Business Intelligence

Having access to KPIs, dashboards and reporting data, and programmatic access to published Office Excel spreadsheets

  • Business Processes

allows users to fill out InfoPath forms by using a web browser, providing rich user interface web forms based easy to maintain by users

  • Search

lets users go beyond documents and across repositories to unlock information, find people, and locate expertise in the enterprise.

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