Why me?!

Is this a strange life we are living or its me only! Sometime things get overloaded and you ask yourself this question “Why me?”

Many people come to you and ask for your help! And yet you can’t but to help them and find them the solution they are looking for. Sometimes you get overloaded, you become under pressure, feel like you want to scream, and at the end you ask yourself “why me?”, “why do I have to help them and no one can helps me?”, “Why… “

The answer to this question is quite difficult, or sometimes no answer. I thought there must be a reason for this. So instead of asking this question, think in a different way. Maybe you are here in this world to help others, maybe your job is support others and draw a smile on their faces. Maybe someday you might need help, and you will find someone that will draw the smile on your face!


2 thoughts on “Why me?!

  1. Well yes, we do ask ourselves this question; and it’s kind of frustrating when you always help and find solutions for others, while no one is there for you. Sometimes we’re overloaded with worries to realize that there’s someone there for us; but when the dark cloud goes away, we finally realize that we’re blessed with good people around us. :d

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