Just wondering?!

It has been a while since my last writing, but lately I wasn’t myself. Things were mixed up and crowded. With all this caous I keep wondering about things around.

I just wonder how strange people can act or behave. Sometimes I wonder what makes someone not to see clearly what he or she might be missing around.

I sometimes wonder how can we love someone from the first sight, how can hate someone because of his or her actions, how we care about who don’t care about us, and how the last one in your mind shows u a lot of care and interest!!

I don’t know, I hope I stop wondering!! Because it seems there is no answer to these wonders!!


2 thoughts on “Just wondering?!

  1. Sometimes we have to accept things and take the face value. After all, only one thing is more unpredictable than computers; its the human mind and mood. I try to simplify things and accept on what could be accomplished and what can’t. For some reason people may pass through periods of bad moods and bad reactions, and need some time to refocus.

    Are you in love Suha? 🙂

  2. thanks for your comment, but for me you can say I am in the most confusing situation ever, the situation were you can have what you want but scared from it
    Really not sure if its love or just a confusion 🙂

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