Changing Umbraco Admin URL

Basically, the backend of any site created under UMBRACO open source has the name UMBRACO

It is predictable, since all sites will have the same admin link. But it can be changed in a very simple way. Three easy steps to change the Umbraco Control Panel:

1. Change the umbracoPath app setting in the Web.Config:

<add key="umbracoPath" value="/myname" />

2. Change the umbracoReservedPaths app setting in the Web.Config:

<add key="umbracoReservedPaths" value="/myname/" />

3. Rename the umbraco directory in your website to “myname”

And http://myweb/myname/ will be active and the new link for the control panel will be activated

Happy Coding with UMBRACO!!!


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