My PMP Experience

I passed my PMP exam on 23/11/2017 on my second try. It was a great experience to me and I have learned a lot from the PMBOK and PM PrepCast, so I would like to share my experience here with those who are currently preparing for the exam right now.

I was approved to write the exam about a year ago, November 2016. Because of a couple of engagement including work, I couldn’t prepare to write it until it was getting late. So I decided to book the exam and started reading in October. I tried to use both PMBOK® Guide and Rita. PMBOK® Guide was a bit boring to read and Rita seems to be bulky as well. I read the two once and skipped through the second time. I only practiced 1 test before the first attempt. I didn’t score well in the test. But because I didn’t want to miss the deadline, I went ahead to sit for the exam. There were lots of gaps that I noticed like not taking time to study the processes very well. I also did not take time to know some of the PMP® formulas extensively etc.

I failed my first attempt.I wanted so much to pass the exam. I still had one week before my application expires and I had to repeat everything. I decided to resit for the exam in Nov 23. I created a summary for the 47 processes, I grouped them into the 5 Knowledge area groups. After changing the method of studying, I was able to figure out how to find the answers to the tricky questions. I did simulated exams– each test has 200 questions. I also stumbled on Edward Chung’s PMP® website and read the PMP® Exam journey ( including some of exam tips which I found very insightful and useful (though I found it late).

And finally, on the day of the exam, I was able to answer the questions with more confident and knowing that I am choosing the correct answer. It went all good and I was able to pass the exam with a high score (not just Target). I was a great experience and I gained my PMP finally.


Here is the summary I created and helped me to pass the exam: pm-summary




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